Indian Farmwood Products Ltd is an India Registered Limited Company which aims to bring the latest offerings in Technologies relevant to every existing Industrial Sector into India & operates out of alliances with several Technology Consortia groupings world wide addressing the Sectoral Data Acquisiton Services & Solutions.

IFPL recognizes the fact that development of any Sector in the decade of 2021-30 means adopting & equipping the Sector with the latest 4IR compliant technologies to catalyse the Services & Solutions provided by that Sector.

IFPL gets your business ready to be in the forefront & be in a sectoral leader role for the next decade. Be our partner in using, offering services & solutions & innovating around the technologies we are going to introduce across 2021 as a part of the forthcoming societal evolution in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

October 14, 2020

India gets re-elected as President of International Solar Alliance, France as Co-President

As part of the AQAS consortium, IFPL will bring to India a new range of miniature integrated Solar & Electrical battery packs specially suited for powering Micro-Drones, Electrical Vehicles, Data Acquisition Payloads. These new cell-power packs use the technologies based on the Ultra Thin Cell Solar Film theoreticals & a new format nano-layout of particles.

These AQAS experimental extra miniature solar cell packs are already powering our micro-drones being used with our range of sectoral dynamic data acquisition payloads. These self generating power battery packs are enabled to be used as independent power source providers extending to days at a stretch & power an extensive range of devices used for a wide gamut of services & solutions provision for tasks spanning various Industrial applications.

TOur Consortium empanelled Professors from different Universities Worldwide will be presenting these new Battery packs & Technologies at the following conferences in Tokyo & more than 20 other conferences across 2021 to get the endorsements to integrate them commercially for all 3rd Party Platforms worldwide

These Equipment are designed and deployed as specific payloads and can be fitted onto micro-drones, cars, train locomotives, transport vehicles & stationary structures.