Indian Farmwood Products Ltd is an India Registered Limited Company which aims to bring the latest offerings in Technologies relevant to every existing Industrial Sector into India & operates out of alliances with several Technology Consortia groupings world wide addressing the Sectoral Data Acquisiton Services & Solutions.

IFPL recognizes the fact that development of any Sector in the decade of 2021-30 means adopting & equipping the Sector with the latest 4IR compliant technologies to catalyse the Services & Solutions provided by that Sector.

IFPL gets your business ready to be in the forefront & be in a sectoral leader role for the next decade. Be our partner in using, offering services & solutions & innovating around the technologies we are going to introduce across 2021 as a part of the forthcoming societal evolution in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

India is now adopting this latest trend in farming. By 2022, more than 7500 rooftops are expected to adopt this farming setup & by 2030 it is estimated that 1% of the rooftops will have these kind of farm setups – not to mention farm setups in indoors, high rise city scape architectural spaces & outdoor setups.

Vertical farming is a method of cultivating various types of produce in vertically arranged layers, in unused vertical spaces of warehouses, skyscrapers, shipping containers, etc. This process enables profitability for many organizations in order to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through sustainable agricultural practices. The other benefits of vertical farming technology include the use of controlledenvironment agriculture technology and indoor farming techniques, where all environmental factors can be controlled for the development of the crop. Vertical farming is carried out through 3 modes or technologies: aeroponics, hydroponics and aquaponics. Each process employs various equipment, fruits, vegetables, herbs and aquatic species. This cultivation technique finds wide usage in several indoor and outdoor applications

IFPL provides Consultancy, Provision & Commissioning of full fledged setups to take care of your interests in aeroponics, aquaponics or hydroponics. if you are looking to setup a farm. Domain expertise is backed up by International thought sharing from USA & Israeli farming setups.